Experience from the Conflict Early Warning and Response Network in the Horn of Africa can provide important lessons for the region and beyond, says Nalaye Ahmed

The importance of civil society engagement in peace rebuilding, multi-stakeholder cooperation, and multi-level implementation.” writes Ali Ahmed Ali

As part of our Somali Peace Building -funded project, ‘Capacities for Peace’, SPBRC will be working with early warning practitioners from the Horn of Africa to share experiences and reflect on lessons, good practices and challenges facing early warning system

Early Warning and Response Network

Mechanism established in 2002 to foster cooperation to tackle the rise of conflicts in the Horn of Africa region, and to contribute to the peaceful settlement of disputes.

Two broader lessons have also come out of this process that can be used to enhance effectiveness of early warning systems in and outside the region.

Firstly, it is key to set up frameworks allowing multi-stakeholder cooperation so networks can draw on a wide range of expertise from state, civil society, private sector, security and peacebuilding actors, and community groups for analysis and response.

Secondly, it is also critical that frameworks are implemented at all levels: from the local level where actors need to be empowered to respond to simmering tension and violence, to the national level where policy and political decisions need to take place to address more structural causes of conflicts.

Nalaye Ahmed is Project Manager for the Capacities for Peace programme, Ali Ahmed Ali is Project Coordinator, Somalia.

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